Supporting Small Businesses – Welsh for Business Support

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A bespoke project geared toward supporting the use of the Welsh language in small businesses has been officially launched.

As part of the service, Welsh for Business Support Officers will offer a range of free services including translating menus, social media messages and promotional material, with retail, food and drink a clear target.

1. A National Network

The aim of the project is also to engage with a wide number of businesses to increase their aweareness of the Welsh language and to encourage them to increase the use and visibility of the language and to nurture a deeper relationship with a smaller number of businesess in relation to increasing their use of Welsh.

A number of events are being (and will be) held with businesses across Wales to raise awareness and to facilitate these services including ten local networks and one national network.

2. Good Customer Service

Providing bilingual services makes commercial and business sense. There is clearly an increasing demand for bilingual services as the norm from organisations and businesses operating in Wales.

82% of Welsh speakers are more inclined to consume the services or products of a bilingual company and 83% of Welsh speakers saying they would stay loyal if you provide a bilingual service. At present, 350,000 of all people aged 3 and over speak Welsh daily and future generations in Wales will increasingly demand fully bilingual services. The percentage of those who speak Welsh is highest amongst those aged between 3-15 years old (as high as 50% in some areas).

3. Bilingual Staff

Swyddle has consistently argued that if you are a business, this increasing demand offers you the opportunity to expand your customer base by differentiating your company from the competition.

An example of this is demonstrating added value by offering a bilingual experience for visitors and Business Wales is offering funding for businesses that can offer this kind of added value.

It’s also possible to go a step further and employ bilingual staff, which is both a long term and cost-effective solution because bilingual staff can perform their role in two languages Market directly to Welsh speaking customers.  By doing this it’s possible to develop a bilingual corporate identity from within; to demonstrate a commitment to customer service and nurture loyalty from existing customers and provide a direct link to and interaction with your local communities.


Working with Swyddle will enable you to achieve this quickly and effectively by recruiting bilingual staff to your business. 

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